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Dennis F. Fredricks


Dennis F. Fredricks is licensed in the State of California with a specialization in international and domestic business law. He is an advisor and counselor to individuals, companies and governmental agencies in the US and Europe for market entry and expansion strategies, the structuring of business associations, contract negotiations, copyright and trademark transactions, securing US business visas, financing issues, and dispute resolution. He is frequently referred or retained by other lawyers in matters involving cross-border litigation or transactions between U.S. and European parties.


Dr. Rutger von der Horst


Dr. Rutger von der Horst is associated with the firm of Fredricks & von der Horst, providing services primarily in Germany and the European Union. His emphasis lies in the field of media law. This field covers the negotiations and drafting of contracts in the areas of eCommerce, web advertising, on- and offline multimedia productions, entertainment (music, film and radio), licensing and the protection of copyrights, competition law, trademarks and marketing strategies.


Martin Vorbrodt


Martin Vorbrodt joined Fredricks & von der Horst in 2006, bringing to the firm specialized experience in IT law, intellectual property, licensing and media law as well as in commercial and corporate law.  His work with European law firms and companies spanned the field of international transactions and dispute resolution. Mr. Vorbrodt's emphasis on Business Law and Intellectual Property responds to the firm's growing clientele for services in licensing, copyrights, and information technology law.  Further, Mr. Vorbrodt offers also a strong background in entertainment law.



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